Friday, January 2, 2009

Now is the Time

Now is the time!! One card done but it won't take long to finish with the ribbon...let's just hope I have enough.

Just a couple more days of vacation and only 33% of my to-do-list is completed. The rest might have to wait until next break :) I've been very busy reading books for my classroom...completed 5- All Good. Check out my wiki 4th grade page.

Happy Stamping and Creating

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Jan Mader said...

Hi Pat! My name is Jan Mader. I am children's author (google my name) and new to blogging.

Your blog interested me... especially because of your 4th graders.

My blog is set up to encourage creativity in kids (and adults) through fun writing exercises.

Please come visit me. I'd be happy to be more specific with my writing exercises to meet the needs or your class!

Feedback is welcome too.

Thanks for Stopping By